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Choose a short program from the Leadership Conversation that suits your particular needs or areas of interest.


Creating Leadership (coming soon)

6 – 8 hours over 4 weeks

This course helps leaders to develop Direction, Alignment, and Commitment, CCL’s proprietary approach to leadership based on decades of research. The program helps leaders cultivate mutual accountability for team success, where leaders use “shaping and supporting” behaviors more than command and control approaches. Creating Leadership is divided into 4 modules. Each module takes c.2 hours to complete:

The Leadership Context Direction Alignment Commitment

Course Dates:

Date: TBC | $175 / User

Elements of Leadership (coming soon)

6 – 8 hours over 4 weeks

There are four fundamental elements of leadership, identified by CCL research, that drive the thoughts and actions of truly effective leaders at any level and in any industry: self-awareness, communication, influence, and the ability to learn. This program help leaders develop these skills and apply them to their unique situation. Each module in the program takes c.2 hours to complete and there are 4 modules in the program:

Self Awareness Communication Influence Learning

Course Dates:

Date: TBC | $175 / User

Virtual Leadership (coming soon)

6 – 8 hours over 4 weeks

Today, “going to work” means connecting to the digital world, sometimes from an office, often times not. Digital leaders are comfortable leading teams virtually and understand that leading virtually is not just about adopting new tools. It demands reimagining how we work. In 4 modules, this program looks at how we can best evolve to meet this challenge:

Virtual Context Virtual Collaboration Virtual Leadership Virtual Innovation

Course Dates:

Date: TBC | $175 / User

Leading Innovation (coming soon)

6 – 8 hours over 4 weeks

We cannot be effective leaders without also being champions of innovation. Each module of this 4-part program will introduce core concepts from the fields of design thinking and critical thinking. You’ll be challenged to apply these concepts to real business issues that demonstrate to your peers your capacity to lead innovation. Each module takes c.2 hours to complete:

Framing Problems Designing Experiments Making Decisions Learning from Mistakes

Course Dates:

Date: TBC | $175 / User

How You'll Learn


Leadership Conversation is 100% online. You can access the platform any time you like from your mobile device, tablet, or computer and get the same awesome experience. You’ll learn from your peers in a digital environment designed for collaboration. You’ll learn from the best digital learning content ever made, from cutting edge case studies to incredible animations, exclusively available to The Leadership Conversation members.

You’ll learn in teams, on your own, and as part of a global community:


In Teams

Leadership Conversation is all about collaborative learning. To maximize collaboration you’ll be placed into teams of about 50 fellow learners. You’ll go through each of the programs within the teams you’ve been assigned to. You’ll discuss challenges with your team members, share experiences, and learn from each other. To complete each program you’ll be required to comment multiple times and you’ll be required to vote for the best comments made by your fellow team mates.

Every time your comments are voted for you’ll earn points which contribute to your position on a team leaderboard for each program.

There will be community moderators in your programs, but they are there just to nudge the conversation along if it goes off track or needs some prompting. The goal is to learn from each other.


On Your Own

Leadership Conversation also gives you the space to create your own learning journey. You can access 100s of individual resources in the Leadership Conversation whenever you want; between, during or after your programs. Resources help you develop the areas of Leadership where you have weaknesses or a particular interest.


The Leadership Conversation is also a global community of leaders, new and experienced, young and old, women and men, from diverse backgrounds, industries and professions. Our community is brought together by two common traits:

Leadership Conversation gives you the opportunity to learn from and share your experiences with digital natives, baby boomers, and everything in between. Via individual profile pages you’ll be able to learn more about each community member and make lasting connections that lead to new opportunities.

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